In a bid to make the platform friendlier and safer, Instagram has introduced functionality which blocks offensive comments and spam.

The channel has been heavily criticised for the torrents of abuse that users receive on their posts.

It was reported this week that Ed Sheeran had quit Twitter, in fact, the singer/songwriter hasn’t quit, apparently he’s just not looking at comments on the posts anymore, because of the negativity he receives. His isn’t an isolated experience, it appears it’s the norm, for celebrities at least, who, with so many followers and their high profile lifestyle are obviously going to attract higher numbers of trolls.

That said, the social media networks and apps need to address this and reverse the trend as, after all, their revenue streams rely on retaining large volumes of highly engaged users.

So, Instagram, for one has taken a proactive step to do just that.

The ‘hide offensive comments’ tab will be operational in nine languages, and enable offensive comments to be automatically blocked.

Precisely what Instagram considers to be offensive comments is yet to be divulged, but I’d imagine it’s a dictionary which will rapidly expand as users who are predisposed to vile and vulgar commentary find new ways to deride and offend.

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