Watch out for the new Kellogg’s silent movie style advert for Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Drawing influences from the iconic ‘Nosferatu’, the ad creates instant standout in the crowded TV advertising medium.

I’ve a particular interest in the ad as it’s shot in colour using an Arri Alexa camera – the very same camera as used in our latest Multiyork TV commercial.

Over the years Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut ads have built a recognisable theme throughout their ads with the brand’s familiar ‘trouble is they taste too good’. This ad is a truly clever and humourous spin on the campaign line, that is sure to bring a smile to the viewer and further cement the brand in peoples minds

Directed by Daniel Kleinman whose previous work includes Smirnoff’s Sea and Guinness’ noitulovE, and using the magic of post-production techniques, the final look mimics the dated film and projection quality and graphics.

Apparently to ensure the the film crew got into the spirit of things they donned 1920’s clothing throughout filming.  That’s something for us Cool Bluer’s to think about on our next TV shoot!

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