16In an effort to attract new users to the social media site, Twitter is once again redesigning its app across mobile, desktop and for the web.

The revamp isn’t a radical departure from the old look-and-feel or user experience but is based on feedback from users for more than a year. These welcome updates will be applied to its web and mobile apps, as well as to TweetDeck and Twitter Lite.

The most obvious updates are simpler icons for things like replying to tweets – it’s now a chat bubble instead of a backwards arrow and a much cleaner typography. Similar to others Twitter is also now using a rounded profile picture, meaning if you’re using a logo for your brand’s account, you might want to adapt it to suit the new shape.

Both mobile apps will get an accessibility option to boost colour contrast across the interface, so it’s easier to read – as well as a number of updates to the navigational features.

Overall, Twitter looks slightly cleaner and more user friendly. The changes will roll-out over the next few days, so you should see them soon.

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