Have you ever wanted to just click your fingers and go anywhere in the world, well now, with the help of virtual reality, you can.

Google has just launched Google Earth VR  that lets anyone wearing the HTC Vive headset visit the most iconic cities in the world, see the seven wonders of the world or just stand outside your own house if you want to.

The launch of Google Earth VR has a number of guided tours to help you get acquainted with the platform and to make it easier for anyone without great geography knowledge. Places like the Grand Canyon and the Manhattan skyline are among a number of locations you can choose from.

Once you’ve been through the training it’s up to you where you go. You start off viewing the Earth from space, you can spin the globe and pick a point anywhere, select it and you’re taken there almost instantly.

This looks to be the start of truly immersive experiences in the ever expanding VR field.

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