User Experience – UX for short, in relation to a digital product is how the individual feels when interacting with different elements that makes up either a website or an app. It sounds relatively straight forward, but crafting a good user experience covers many different aspects such as usability, accessibility, design, performance etc.

Why it Matters?

UX is an essential component to creating a high quality digital product, if a user is unable to find the information they require quickly they will simply look elsewhere, for an e-commerce site UX is particularly important.

In terms of design adhering to a ‘user-centered’ approach is essential and just as important as defining a strong visual identity. This approach and different methods that can be employed helps to make sure that a website or app is tailored and focused upon the requirements of the target audience.

To help ensure this at Cool Blue we follow certain procedures, including wire-framing and apply performance optimisation techniques. Some of our recent work demonstrates our focus upon user experience, in particular some of our recent e-commerce builds and sites for businesses not sure this makes sense in the professional services sector.

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