Facebook’s big push into real time video could soon be generating the social media channel a significant revenue stream.


It’s running tests, with sponsored videos being inserted into Facebook Live streams, essentially creating 15-second long ad breaks.


Facebook Live has become increasingly popular with brands, personalities and even public sector organisations – all using the live feed to bring their message to Followers and the wider Facebook audience. It’s an engaging way to convey your point of view, entice consumers, and make them feel they’re right there with you.


Obviously some are doing better than others. A lot of the content I’ve seen so far, posted by brands and businesses, does feel a bit “so what?”. I wouldn’t expect a slick, Hollywood-style live show, but there’s a lot of dodgy camera work and dull content around.


As is the case when a new, game-changing piece of functionality is added to a social media channel, it needs time to bed in, be refined, and for businesses to figure out how best to optimise it for their marketing purposes.


I’m presuming that once this testing period is complete, and advertisers can start to insert videos into Facebook Live feeds, that it will be subject to the same detailed audience segmentation and selection criteria as all other advertising on the channel. In which case, savvy brands could start to really infiltrate the streams, capturing a wider consumer audience, and engaging with them in a similar way as they would to TV advertising, just on a far more cost effective way.

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