Viral videos are nothing new to the internet, but the media form now appears to be taking over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram more than ever before.

It seems like every time I click onto my news feed there they are – dozens of funny, quirky videos being liked and shared by everyone in my contact list.  Status updates are apparently a thing of the past!

So why the sudden resurge?  It’s all down to short formats like Vines which are quick to view and provide plenty of laughs (or food for thought) in no more than six seconds.

Instagram quickly followed suit with a 15 second format – an application which proved so popular that on the day it launched more than five million videos were uploaded by the platform’s 130 million active users.

With more than one billion smartphone users in the world this technology is more accessible than it has ever been, which results in the ability to post videos online just seconds after being recorded.

And with diverse topics – from ‘nerd style vandalism’, kids breakdancing and puppies having nightmares – it’s little wonder the ‘Best Vines’ Facebook page is currently at 11 million likes and growing daily.

Here’s a few of the best ones:

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