As the popularity of online platforms and influence of digital media continues to grow, expect to see new web design trends emerge. Below are just a few that you’ll be sure to notice in 2016.

1. Responsiveness is King

It is almost a certainty that responsive web design is here to stay. With ever increasing mobile internet usage, responsive web design provides businesses with a cost effective method to ensure they develop a mobile-friendly website.

This approach is especially a no brainer with Google’s Mobile friendly search algorithm update impacting Search Engine Optimisation.

2. Experimental Navigation and Menus

There has recently been a move towards placing the entire navigation structure behind a hamburger icon or in a fly-out menu. This year we expect to see many sites experiment with how they display their navigation structure, as they seek to figure out the best way to showcase this essential content in a usable and engaging way, with many designers moving away from the traditional navigation bar.

3. Material Design over flat design

Flat design definitely dominated in 2015, with its seamless integration with responsive design. However, with the steady pick-up of material design since Google released its material design language back in 2014, expect to see see an increased use of this concept to provide users with an ever better user experience.

4. Rich Animations

To help a site set itself apart from competitors we’ll see developers integrate clever animations into designs, making them more entertaining and interactive. We’ve recently applied this to the iNorthumberland website.

5. Less Scrolls vs More Scrolling

Websites will likely fit into two different camps – some embracing long scrolling while others will try to keep scrolling to a minimal. There are definitely pros and cons to both, in terms of user engagement but it will be interesting to see which will come out on top as the best was for users to consume content.

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