It does not seem too long since I last blogged about the start of the Christmas advert season, but it would seem that I have now found my favourite advert of the year.

When I discovered that Wes Anderson had filmed the latest H&M advert I was extremely excited, with Anderson being one of my favourite film directors, due to his use of colour palletes, composition of shots and visual styling.

I must say I was not disappointed.  All of his characteristic themes create an advert that is memorable, beautiful and heart-warming in a more human sense I believe than the other adverts out there.

Not only does Adrien Brody’s acting lift the calibre of the advert but the extremely beautiful use of colour, brings a warming splash of emotions to a typically mundane situation of being on a train. As a designer I find his framing very interesting, I can appreciate the detail and precision used to communicate the subtle message,. You almost forget that you are watching an advert selling reasonably priced clothing!

Congratulations Mr Anderson you have once again created a quirky, and outrageously charming film that will take some beating.

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