Here’s something to think about: do your friends really know what you want – and if they don’t, do you wish they did?

If that’s a no-brainer, the solution is already on its way from our favourite online friendathon Facebook, which is trialling a new feature called Collections.

This will allow users to create lists of products they want, or wish to collect (think of the online picture pinboard Pinterest – it’s got a lot in common).

The new Facebook feature isn’t available yet, but once it’s rolled out you’ll be able to click a ‘want’ or ’collect’ button to add items to your list. But unlike Pinterest, when you click, you’ll also be offered the chance to buy the product from the retailer’s own website.

This is being seen as Facebook making its move into e-commerce – it looks likely that the social site will receive a referral fee from the retailer if there’s a successful sale.

Certainly, if the trial goes down well it could open up a new way to buy stuff. The buttons could be dropped into fashion, home and technology blogs – and with a single click the product would be added to your collection with the option to buy.

And of course, shared with your friends through their feeds…

From a retailer’s perspective, it could be a great way to reach new audiences, push new products and offer customer-related promotions, all based on the information you share on Facebook.

So is Collections something that you would use? Would you see it as a good way to make a wish list of everything you see online – or an uncomfortable glimpse into your innermost shopping psyche?

Either way, it looks like Facebook is about to add e-commerce to its bid for world social domination. And with the site recently reaching more 1 billion active users, that’s quite some shop window.

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