In 2014, 73% of adults in Britain used the internet to find out information about goods and services.1

The internet enables users to search, compare, select and recommend products and services faster than ever before.

While a lot of businesses have a website, many are hard to find, are basic in design, poorly structured and lack up-to-date information – leaving users with a negative perception about the company and the service it provides.

The modern business website needs to do more than solely deliver information. It needs to create an engaging user experience that instantly communicates the offering, reflects the brand and provides a clear call to action.

Look at your current website through the eyes of your customers. Is it easy to access? Is it professional? Is it clear what you do? Can you find key contact information easily? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, you should consider updating your website.

Source: ONS website:—households-and-individuals/2014/stb-ia-2014.html [accessed 13th November 2015].

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