Peach is the new social network created by Vine co-founder, Dom Hofmann,  which allows you to share messages using GIFs, drawings and more using ‘Magic Words’. But is it just another Ello?

Peach is a free app on iOS that enables you to post updates for friends to see, just like you would on Facebook or Twitter, but it sits somewhere in-between.

Similar to Facebook, it gives you “friends” rather than “followers” and leaves profiles and posts private, rather than public for all to see. However, much like Twitter, its activity is limited to simple postings, rather than the full platform for web apps that Facebook has.

But Peach differentiates itself in the form of ‘Magic Words’ which give you the ability to bring up a whole host of options simply by pressing a few keys.

Typing ‘draw’ does exactly what you’d expect, ‘song’ lets you share what you’re listening to with others, who can tap on it to listen themselves, ‘gif’ lets you search for and display animated gifs while ‘rate’ will let you rate literally anything between one and five stars.  And all of these features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Will Peach stick around to challenge the likes of Facebook and Twitter?  Who knows? But it’s getting a lot of attention right now and is a really interesting app to try out.

You can find Peach on the iOS app store.

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