With interiors as one our specialisms, colour predictions are important to our plans for 2017. From working with our clients to uncover relevant products that will entice media contacts and social media followers, to incorporating the correct shades into our creative, we need to make sure we are on-trend and hitting the right note when it comes to colour. But, what is the colour for 2017?

In September, paint specialists Dulux turned to their international body of specialists to suggest blue as the must-have shade, announcing Denim Drift as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2017. However, last week Pantone declared we should be getting excited by a shade of green called Greenery. So, which is it?

With Dulux and Pantone championing two very different colours for 2017, it does raise the question: Is a colour of the year a self-fulfilling prophesy? Once announced everyone rushes to include the relevant shades into product development, and ‘hey presto’ the prediction is brought to life.

Whilst there are only two main bodies declaring colours of the year, this isn’t too much of a problem, but if more start to add alternative shades into the mix, I fear the predictions will start to be ignored. However, for now, I look forward to seeing a lot of Denim Drift and Greenery in 2017.

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