It’s been another weird and wonderful week on the web with lots of stories catching our eye. To help keep you up-to-speed and in-the-know we’ve pulled together a few of the most interesting:

Social traffic to UK newspapers has tripled in twelve months with Metro leading the way in leveraging social media platforms to drive increased traffic with a 756% growth versus last year. Keen to capitalise on this trend and drive increased online reach, The Sun claimed an industry first printing dedicated hashtags alongside its news stories. Could this be the future for print media?

It seems that even organised crime needs a cohesive online strategy as Japan’s biggest crime syndicate launches a new website, complete with a corporate and anti-drugs message in an effort to revive its outdated image and up its falling membership.

West Ham Football Club launched their first ever ‘social media match’ with a whole host of pre, during and post-match online events designed to make their 900,000,000 + social media followers feel as involved as possible in their Premier League match against Hull.

Getting touchy feely when consuming media increases our spontaneous ad recall by a whopping 28%.  PHD research from the University College London Business Psychology School found that advertising was also received more positively when consumed on a touch-screen device. Will we see brands shifting their media spend to a more tablet-centric strategy?

Nigel Farage scored a social media win during this week’s televised Europe Debate, gaining five times more Twitter followers than Nick Clegg on the back of social commentary surrounding the event, which racked up more than 47,000 tweets using the #EuropeDebate hashtag.

Found something interesting while you’ve been exploring the web? Leave a link below to help others discover.

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