I love QR Codes and I love architecture – but it has never crossed my mind to combine the two.

The combination has certainly crossed someone’s mind though, and the results are spectacular.

At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale every inch of the domed Russian Pavilion, as well as two adjoining rooms, has been covered in QR Codes.

From the floors, to the walls and ceilings, the building has been converted into a temple-like space entirely dedicated to the square dots.

The room almost feels less about architecture and more like an interactive art exhibition.

Visitors to the Pavilion are handed iPads upon entering and begin scanning the codes.

Through the codes, visitors are taken to a website where they can explore the plans and models for a new Russian city called Skolkovo.

Currently under construction and not due to be completed until 2017, Skolkovo will be dedicated to science and technology and Russia’s answer to Silicon Valley.

A futuristic way of accessing information about a futuristic city.

The 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale runs until November 25. For more information click here.

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