The world’s first Festival of Thrift was held at Lingfield Point in Darlington this weekend and more than 24,000 people made a beeline for it.

We are proud to say we played a part in making it happen – Cool Blue was tasked with developing branding and marketing materials for the event to generate interest from funders and key stakeholders, as well as the general public.

And Cool Blue’s managing director Tanya Garland was one of the people behind the original idea.

People of all ages flocked to the fun-filled event which made sustainability, thriftiness and recycling uber-cool.

The festival encouraged a sense of community and at its heart was the ‘make do and mend’ attitude lots of us are adopting in the current economic times, all delivered with a super cool creative vibe.

And the comment on everyone’s lips was what a fantastic event.

The festival, which showcased all things recycled, upcycled, renovated and re-used, captured an age-old sense of ‘being in it together’.

The two-day event featured a host of stalls and workshops including felting, chocolate-making, foraging, wireworks, paper sculpture, and a multi-thrifty swap shop.

The sun blazed down as young, and the not so young among us, revelled in a range of activities and workshops all set against the backdrop of the beautifully resurrected industrial buildings at Lingfield Point.

The event was a celebration of everything fun, thrifty, funky and fabulously frugal – a chance for people to learn new skills, discover innovative ways to spend their money wisely, and find new uses for items that they might otherwise throw away.

And all people keep asking now is….. when’s the next one?

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