Fashion retailer French Connection has recently announced the resurrection of its eyebrow raising FCUK logo, which caused a furore some twenty years ago.

In the mid-90s I was certainly one of those teenage girls wearing my FCUK t-shirt with rebellious pride, much to my parents’ distaste. The brand somehow tapped into the zeitgeist and its FCUK emblem was wildly popular with everyone from celebrities to footballers, models to the general public.

But as a current customer of the brand, is it really what I want to see from them now? While 90s fashion has made a big comeback, revisiting this old campaign seems to me a little dated.

Last summer the retailer reported losses, in part due to heavy competition from the likes of Ted Baker, Zara et al – and imminent store closures followed.

But if the brand’s looking to appeal to a new, younger audience, it will take more than a pretend swearword to shock the media savvy 20-somethings.

It will be interesting to see how the campaign is executed – and with what channels it propagates its messaging.

For me it’s all about the clothes being fashionable and less about the logo. If executed in an exciting way, with the right celebrity influencers and a clever social media strategy, it could be the perfect antidote to its flagging sales.

I’ll certainly be watching to see how this one turns out.

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