Even if you don’t make New Year’s resolutions, at this time of year it’s impossible to avoid all of the chatter around self-improvement and fresh starts.

The fact is, January is a time when consumers are receptive to what most brands have to offer. People’s passions and goals are front of mind, whether that’s getting fit and eating well or planning a great summer holiday, and they will be actively looking for brands which fit with these interests.

It’s an obvious win for health and fitness brands. The launch this week of Change4Life’s new ‘Be Food Smart’ app has been perfectly timed alongside some hard-hitting media relations around the shocking amount of sugar in kids’ breakfast cereals.

But New Year also brings an opportunity for less likely brands to prove their worth to consumers from all walks of life, tapping into niche hobbies and interests. For example, a campaign like the awkwardly named ‘Tryanuary’ won’t make you any fitter or healthier, but it will resonate with people who want to discover more independent craft beers.

For me, the goal for PR should always be joining brands and consumers together, and New Year is key time for brands to prove themselves.

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