Imagine. Create. EGGER.

Imagine. Create. EGGER

Founded in Austria in 1961, global family company EGGER produces wood-based panel products, supplying top hoteliers such as Hilton, national and international rail services such as LNER and EuroStar, as well as working with the commercial and leisure sectors in 24 countries.

Our objective was to develop a stand-out marketing strategy to support the launch of a new product range, creating differentiation in the market and attracting architects, specifiers and interior designers.

Our approach

Cool Blue’s strategy was designed to directly appeal to EGGER’s target audience, with a concept focused on the emotional resonance of space and its uses.

We created clear creative themes to curate and showcase the products, using these themes as the focal point for all marketing and communications for this audience group.

What’s more, we used launch materials from the new EGGER decorative collection, linking these with existing materials to support cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


Increased sales

appointments YoY since launch

Set the approach

for all markets globally

Increased interest

in the new Decorative Collection

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