A moment of pride in ercol’s history

Painting the picture

Celebrated for its 100 years of expert craftsmanship and furniture making, ercol’s reputation and consumer base is solid and well-established.

However, the company wanted to introduce the brand to a younger, contemporary audience and tasked our team to do this.

Our proposal was an exciting collaboration project that would ensure the brand was recognised with a new consumer group, for all the right reasons.

Everyone loves a rainbow

Coinciding with Pride and the London Pride Festival, we collaborated with award winning interior duo 2LG.

The aim was to bring colour, vitality and fun into some of ercol’s most well-loved classic products, presenting the brand in a new way to a new audience of future customers.

Together ercol and 2LG created four limited-edition Love Seats. A spark of creativity that catapulted our summer of campaign activities into the minds of the media, designers and influencers across the UK.

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