Building a Construction Company’s PR Portfolio

The Client

Esh Group is one of North East England’s largest construction companies, made up of several separate firms – specialising in everything from home building and civil engineering to social housing and healthcare.

The firm believed its size and expertise was under-valued as many customers and potential customers knew the companies it owned but didn’t know they were part of the Esh Group.

Cool Blue was brought on board to develop a strategy to help refine and update the Group’s brand hierarchies and to develop a strategic communications plan to better profile Esh Group as a leading construction company.


Cool Blue brought a strategic focus to the Group’s communications by creating a PR campaign highlighting the depth and breadth of the Group’s skills and quality.

Up to this point Esh Group’s emphasis had been solely on its strong community activity plan, which although important, did not add any commercially strategic advantage with those who commission significant contracts.


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One of Cool Blue’s first tasks was to carry out a communications audit that showed where, when and how Esh was talked about in the media.

The audit reinforced the fact that Esh had previously relied on traditional PR to promote its solid work in the community, had no real strategic focus and was not aimed at decision makers or potential customers. It was, therefore, not working to fulfil any business growth objectives.

Cool Blue developed a strategic approach to planning and modernising the Group’s communications. We looked at copywriting and photography to ensure that content could be repurposed for multiple platforms – media relations, web, relevant social media, such as LinkedIn and community relations events. We also worked side by side with the Group’s SEO agency to deliver coordinated themes and mini-campaigns.

PR Coverage

PR Coverage

All mentions of Esh companies now refer to Esh Group. A ‘strategic triangle of news’ was introduced to help the company’s marketing team understand the level of importance each type of story should have and how it helped meet the Group’s strategic objectives.

The Group now regularly features in regional and trade media with a focus on its construction projects.



Writing for companies within the Esh Group presented the challenge of altering the writing style to suit the several stakeholders – from customers to government departments. The overall personality of the brand is one of authority while still being friendly and approachable.

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Esh Group's Part in a Growing North East

“Esh Group is delivering many aspects of the North East’s infrastructure, mixed use schemes, residential property and civic buildings.

Esh’s work plays an important part in shaping the North East.”

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