The Client

As one of the north of England’s largest further education colleges, Middlesbrough College is home to 11,000 students, 1,950 teaching staff and records a turnover of £58million.

Its educational and training service offer is comprehensive, varied and constantly changing. This rapid growth and regular improvements to the range of services on offer was the catalyst for the College to re-envision its brand purpose, look and feel.


We were tasked with taking a complex offer, simplifying the communications and defining its meaning to a number of different audiences.

Our solution also had to be flexible and scalable to enable the College to use the brand concept over a number of years and on a variety of channels.


Working closely with the College team, we developed a new proposition that would articulate the college’s purpose for both internal and external audiences; ‘Taking You Higher’. This informed every aspect of our work on the brand strategy — from the visuals through to the tone of voice and the nature of the marketing campaigns that followed.

We created an animated and adaptive identity which came to life across digital and multimedia channels. It communicated the idea of elevating your prospects through its dynamic visuals and copy.

To elevate the new brand, an energetic enrolment campaign also asked potential students “Where’s Life Taking You?”. The campaign was rolled out across prime-time spots on TV and in cinemas and was adapted for social channels.


We developed an exclusive piece of software to enable the College team to create and manage on brand templates for their most in-demand materials.

To ensure staff felt confident and informed, we also delivered a series of training sessions and developed a ‘how-to guide’ that would help them quickly navigate and find the resources they need.


The client is now delivering the brand strategy, using its refreshed identity and finding new energy and purpose around the production of its campaign ideas and materials.

Our initial brand activation campaign was put into play across multiple owned and paid channels to great success:

Improved brand recall ✓

Increased sentiment ratings ✓

Enrolment conversions significantly rising ✓

One of the most satisfying results was the enthusiasm with which the College team embraced the new identity and have become proud custodians of its usage.

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