Elevating the brand of this growing organisation

An ever changing landscape

As one of the north of England’s largest further education colleges, Middlesbrough College is home to 11,000 students, 1,950 teaching staff and has a turnover of £58m.

Its educational and training service offer is comprehensive, varied and constantly changing. This rapid growth and regular improvements to the range of services on offer, was the catalyst for the College to re-envision its brand.

We were tasked with taking the College’s complex offer and finding its central purpose, distilling this into a redefined brand strategy that could take the College into a new era of marketing.

Our solution had to be flexible and scalable to future-proof the brand concept over a number of years and on a variety of channels.

Taking You Higher

Working closely with key stakeholders within the College, we developed a proposition that would articulate the College’s purpose for both internal and external audiences. This was summed-up in the line, ‘Taking You Higher’.

It’s a line that’s upbeat, proactive, aspiration-centric and reflects the life outcomes of the College’s graduates.

This line became the central guiding theme of the brand strategy. From the visuals through to the tone of voice and the nature of the marketing campaigns that followed.

An adaptive and animated identity was developed which came to life across digital and multimedia channels, including the development of a new brand advert which added an exciting new dimension to the College’s brand positioning.

Middlesbrough College Montage 1 Students


Improved brand recall

Increased sentiment ratings

Enrolment applications increased

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