A global pandemic. A region in need of practical guidance and advice.

Quick response activation

As coronavirus swept the UK in 2020, the nation’s NHS trusts and emergency services had to act quickly to ensure they provided the life-saving service the public needed, while delivering the latest health advice.

The North East Ambulance Service was dealing with one of the busiest periods in its history. They had to quickly engage the public, emphasise the challenge frontline workers were facing and communicate potentially life-saving advice to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Cool Blue was tasked with establishing a clear social media presence for the North East Ambulance Service, developing and publishing a steady stream of content that spoke directly to local people. Our aim was to help those in our region to understand the enormity of the coronavirus challenge and the importance of staying safe and following official advice.

From the get-go

We worked with the team at the North East Ambulance Service to swiftly set up a branded Instagram account. This channel was identified as a key point of contact with the general public, with its visual format working particularly well for the stream of official messages and multimedia content the Ambulance Service needed to communicate.

We fully utilised the multimedia content made available to public health bodies, including short videos, posters, GIFs and static imagery ensuring that messages were localised to the North East region. This included, providing multi-lingual content for non-English speaking communities in the area, highlighting the personal stories of those on the frontline and showcasing the wave of gifts and thank-you cards the Ambulance Service received.

Through this strategy, we connected to the regional audience when they needed these messages the most, to keep themselves safe at the peak of the pandemic. At the same time, we raised the public profile of the North East Ambulance Service, winning over hearts and minds and boosting support for their dedicated staff at the most critical time in their history.

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In two months


engagements secured


increase of social media following


the inhouse communications team in time of need

“In a time of crisis and great change during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cool Blue supported our established in-house communications team to boost public messaging and help us to reach new audiences.
“With their help we have been able to continue to communicate critical information that would both inform and educate the public about our emergency services, but also build a stronger and more positive online community during a very challenging transition for our workforce.
“Very quickly adopted as an extension to our team, the Cool Blue client services team have offered invaluable impartial advice during our working time together and their energy and enthusiasm shone through both all of our joint working as well as in the work they delivered for us. Quite honestly, they were a huge pleasure to work in collaboration with and would be an asset to any organisation, and invaluable to those working in the public sector. Enormous thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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