Recognising community heroes

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it was the acts of kindness – big and small – that kept communities going. To recognise their local heroes, South Tyneside launched the #ProudToSupport campaign. Open to all South Tyneside residents, the campaign saw individuals and organisations recognised for their hard work and heroism during the pandemic.

Nominees received a personal letter of thanks from the Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Norman Dick, and a personal thank-you through South Tyneside Council’s social media channels.

With South Tyneside Council receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to the campaign, we worked with the Council team to inform nominees, tell their unique stories, and develop powerful social media content to convey their commitment to their community.

Our approach

We quickly got up to speed with the #ProudToSupport campaign, working with the South Tyneside Council team to identify nominees and contact them individually, informing them of their nomination and conveying thanks from the Council.

We then interviewed each nominee, writing up their story as case studies to be featured on the Council’s online channels. Each case study was accompanied by social media content for use on South Tyneside Council’s official online channels, telling the story of each local hero while reiterating the key messages of the campaign.

Our work with South Tyneside Council helped the #ProudToSupport campaign reach a wide audience, recognising the incredible work of the local people, groups and organisations who went the extra mile to help others at the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, while boosting morale in the community.

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