Story Homes allows customers to configure areas of their home during the build phase, including the kitchen and bathroom, tailoring the property to the customer’s individual tastes.

Historically, this process was completed by the sales executive, using paper-based forms and a series of samples. This was time-consuming and made it difficult for the customer to visualise the output.

We worked with key stakeholders to understand the process, mapping out the customer journey and looking at ways to optimise the process by moving it online.

Our team then set about designing the user interface, using an easy-to-understand navigation, which at times had to handle multi-stage selections, guiding the customer through the process.

High-quality renders were used to display the product selections, allowing customers to see an accurate visual representation of their product choices.

Customers were able to access detailed product information and to see a running total of the associated costs.


  • UX design
  • User Interface
  • Digital
  • App
  • Copywriting

Solutions and results

This app is currently in the final stages of development and will be launched in autumn 2017. It will be unique in the marketplace when it goes live and is already causing a buzz in the property sector among those who’ve seen demo versions.

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