Encouraging staycations in Tees Valley

Turning a negative into a positive

Summer 2020. Foreign holidays are off the table for many, and the great British public are instead looking for fantastic experiences on their doorstep.

Enjoy Tees Valley, the tourism service set up by Tees Valley Combined Authority, promotes Tees Valley as a world-class visitor destination, boosting the visitor economy and helping both tourists and residents make the most of the region.

Enjoy Tees Valley enlisted our support to launch a major marketing push for the campaign. Targeted at local people in the North East, and particularly those based in Teesside, our brief was to drive awareness of the campaign and encourage those in the region to get out and make the most of Tees Valley.

Just one click away

We launched a six-week multi-channel digital advertising campaign, using stunning imagery and video content to show the best of Tees Valley, including local beauty spots and leisure activities.

Combining Pay-Per-Click (PPC), YouTube and display network advertising, including video pre-roll and native adverts, this digital channel mix specifically targeted residents in and around Tees Valley.

Our display advertising strategy delivered tailored messages to specific audiences, such as busy parents planning summer holiday activities, nature-lovers looking for fresh air and outdoor experiences, and young adults looking for a great day out.

What’s more, when new restrictions meant that travel was restricted across the North East, we swiftly adapted our targeted to only reach those in Tees Valley – ensuring that local audiences were fully aware of the range of nearby activities, businesses and venues they could still safely visit.

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