One of the best things about working in public relations is the inspiring people you come across. PR puts you in touch with people from all walks of life and in different industries – which means there is a constant exchange of ideas and new knowledge gained.

Cool Blue is working on a project at the moment called wwWomen that is particularly interesting because it brings together some of the most diverse and interesting digital minds on Tyneside – to see how they can help others adopt digital most effectively.

For those of us well-versed in the use of digital – whether social media strategy, SEO, web development or more – it is a natural tool to help us to develop our business presence. But for some people digital is still a place where they feel uncertain although they’d like to use all it has to offer.

At a lunch at the Tyneside Cinema this week we met with the programme’s Digital Champions – some of the cleverest digital female minds in the region – to brainstorm ways in which they can mentor and support other female entrepreneurs in the region.

This included heads of digital agencies, stylists, brand managers and others whose adoption of digital has been used to great effect either for their own or their company’s business.

And the fascinating thing is that each person brings new thinking to the table – so although there was a group of digital experts there, everyone took away something.

There will be some networking events coming up for wwWomen to join in with in the coming months to learn something new and swap a few of their own ideas.

For more information visit on Twitter follow #wwWomen and like wwWomen on Facebook to find out more.

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