Earlier this year the next generation of games consoles were announced. Sony‘s Playstation 4 and Microsoft‘s Xbox One.

Microsoft announced a number of bold features that had been integrated into its system. Games could no longer be traded or shared and the console would require a constant internet connection for it to work. These new innovations left gamers feeling angry and betrayed.

This is where it gets interesting. Not happy with the situation, people took to the internet to share their disgust with Microsoft and its system’s new policies.  A swarm of angry tweets, messages and memes flooded the web causing not only PR damage, but also potentially damaging pre-order sales and share prices. The whole mess left Sony in a strong position, to dominate the next generation’s console war before a single piece of software had been sold.

After roughly a week of trying to manage the situation Microsoft crumbled. They released a statement claiming that the new restrictions moves had been dropped following the harsh criticism from their consumers and fans.

The power of social media strikes again.

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