Every year there are a few tricks that make it through the net and get shared among friends and colleagues as “facts” until someone, usually with slightly more common-sense or perhaps a less playful personality, points out the cold hard truth – that you’ve all been duped by an April Fools’ trick.

Of course we didn’t get to share the collective joy earlier this week, but there are a few good ones going around this year. Can you spot the fact from the fiction?

Grumpy Cat – the world famous, super cute dwarf cat which has become a meme legend –  has died. As reported online by SourceFed.

Twitter, or should we say Twttr, is monetising and charging $5/month for anyone who wants to carry on using vowels in tweets.

Google+ has added an Emotions+ function so that you can add feelings to people in pictures.

Nick Black (real name) has teamed up with Pantone to create a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter to develop a new shade and tint of black.

Proof that animals can keep to the beat of music – a sea lion was filmed bobbing its head along to a Backstreet Boys track.


Google is currently in beta for its new search feature, Google Nose. As well as searching for a word and its description, where relevant the search engine will emit the associated scent from the screen.

Cat video sharing online has become so popular that Vimeo has launched a dedicated platform for them,  Vimeow.

I’ll leave you to decide which are true!

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