Everything's easy when you Sleepeezee

The Client

Since 1924, Sleepeezee has been at the forefront of bed making, expertly handcrafting its beds and mattresses in Britain using a combination of luxury materials, innovative designs and traditional techniques.


With 160 mattress companies in the UK and with annual sales of £36m, we were on a mission to prove Sleepeezee was more than just another mattress brand.

Tasked with supporting its ambitions of doubling brand awareness, share of voice, engagement and sales within the first 12 months of its marketing investment, there was no time for sleeping on the job.



average growth of followers across social media channels


growth in sales year-on-year

2.5 x

the number of visitors on the new site within the first 8 weeks


increase in visitors to the website through PPC


increase in visitors to the website through organic search

Springing into Action

Our strategy was grounded in research, carried by PwC, which gave us invaluable insight into the market and challenges with the customer purchase journey.

Armed with the research knowledge that the three most important decision factors when purchasing a bed were price, size and comfort level, we developed a first-of-its-kind website in the industry, which placed these decision factors at the forefront of the website, allowing customers to filter their options based on personal criteria.

The website also supported the footfall aims of Sleepeezee’s partner retailers by helping customers find their nearest stockist following the make-up of their dream bed on the website.

Waking Audiences Up

Waking Audiences Up

With its new brand unleashed through an engaging website, eye-catching social media content, new instore printed materials, we were ready to wake up our client’s target audiences.

Our campaign strapline ‘Everything’s easy when you Sleepeezee’ promoted the positive impact of a good night’s sleep and the influence this has on our overall health and wellbeing.

TV personality Dr Ranj joined the brand as ambassador in 2019, having honed his bed-side manner at Sleepeezee’s bed factory in Kent, hand-tufting mattresses at the age of 18 before heading off to medical school.

Both highly engaging and credible, Dr Ranj reinforced our key health and wellbeing messages and advocated for the brand across his own social media channels, as well as in our media outreach.

He featured in brand photoshoots, leading lifestyle magazine editorials, at media events, across social media and on Sleepeezee’s slick new website, with a monthly guest blog written to enhance SEO.

Our social media campaign supercharged the Sleepeezee story, with exclusive insights into the bed-making process, lifestyle and interior inspiration and top health and wellness tips. Inspiring content boosted Sleepeezee’s following, engagement and brand awareness, with some of the highest engagement posts also driving sales on its direct to consumer online store.

Rise and Shine: The Results Are In

Underpinned by customer insights and brought to life with creativity, our carefully thought out campaign resonated with Sleepeezee’s target customers and has driven tangible commercial gains for the brand.

As an added value, the campaign has been able to support retail partners (online and offline) to secure Sleepeezee sales, by reporting back on which products customers are looking for most, which help to inform stocking decisions

Sleepeezee video

“I appointed Cool Blue to help Sleepeezee on three pillars of our strategic growth journey: review and recommendations on our logo and strap line, proposals for a media campaign and, crucially, enhancement of our non-transactional and direct to consumer transactional websites.

They are designing and building us a sector-leading transactional site. Led by Mark and Victoria, they are a passionately committed team that delivers what they promise. Initially, they benchmarked against the leading sector players and married this with feedback from consumer-focused purchase safaris.

In addition to building the architecture of the site, the Cool Blue team recommended, designed and executed new photography of our range and improved the importance and rating of our Trustpilot score having react- ed to what the end consumer had identified as pain points in the purchase journey.

In parallel, they managed two pay-per-click campaigns for us to drive traffic and have also spent the time to upskill my marketing team who can now manage a pay per click campaign autonomously.

Before Cool Blue’s involvement there were approximately 100 visitors per day to our current site with a session conversion ratio of 0.9%. Within eight weeks we are at 250 visitors per day with a 2.6% conversion ratio – and that’s just on our interim site!

In summary, I have been hugely impressed by Cool Blue’s expertise across technical development, creative solution finding and project management. They have consistently delivered excellent outcomes and I look forward to working with them going forwards.”


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