Everything's easy when you Sleepeezee

No time for sleeping on the job

Since 1924, Sleepeezee has been at the forefront of bed making, expertly handcrafting its beds and mattresses in Britain. It uses a combination of luxury materials, innovative designs and traditional techniques.

With 160 mattress companies in the UK we were on a mission to prove Sleepeezee was more than just another mattress brand.

Tasked with supporting its ambitions of doubling brand awareness, share of voice, engagement and sales within the first 12 months of its marketing investment, there was no time for sleeping on the job.

Springing into action

Our strategy was grounded in consumer research carried out by PwC. This gave us invaluable insight into the market and the lack of consumer understanding of different brand’s offers.

It showed that consumers struggled with choosing a mattress brand seeing them as ‘all the same’.

Much of the marketing focus of mattress brands being on the technical specifications and manufacturing process, but the research showed that all of this just seemed like white noise to consumers.

We therefore took a disruptive approach to Sleepeezee’s positioning by focusing on the benefits that sleeping on one of its mattresses would bring.

The line, ‘Everything’s easy when you Sleepeezee’, was developed to put the focus on the positive impact of a good night’s sleep and the influence this has on our ability to perform well in our daily lives, bringing significant health and well-being benefits.

We produced great in-store and online materials for the brand’s retailer network, as well as developing a content strategy for consumer channels.

We really did wake up Sleepeezee’s audiences to a better night’s sleep. During the first 18 months of the campaign, Sleepeezee’s recall with consumers moved up to third in the UK. The brand’s turnover also increased by £6m+ at a time when the wider bed market performance was negative.

Sleepeezee Sleepeezee montage


Statistics based between 2018 and 2019

£6m upswing in sales

in 1 year

2 celebrity brand collaborations

reaching new audiences

+350% increase

in social following

Best Furniture Website Award

Interiors Monthly 2019

“I appointed Cool Blue to help Sleepeezee with our strategic growth journey.

They are a passionately committed team that delivers what they promise.

Initially, they benchmarked against the leading sector players and married this with feedback from consumer-focused research and purchase safaris.

They then developed a brand strategy and campaigns that delivered great results.

In summary, I have been hugely impressed by Cool Blue’s expertise across technical development, creative solution finding and project management. They have consistently delivered excellent outcomes.”

Joe Wykes, CEO, Adova Group

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