How do you want to live?

Laying the foundations

Thirteen Group is a landlord and developer, providing homes for rent and sale in the North East of England. It manages 34,000 properties across North Tyneside, York and Teesside.

The organisation was launching a private residential property company. Our team was tasked to develop a brand that would help them differentiate their offer, whilst fitting with the values and tone of its parent brand.

Building up a head of steam

Our strategy started by understanding customers better, finding out what motivated them and what they were looking for when buying a new property.

Unsurprisingly this went beyond just a decent set of bricks and mortar. Our research highlighted that customers wanted to live in  places that brought a sense of community, not just well kitted-out houses.

This was something that parent company, Thirteen Group, was passionate about and aligned with their Group values, so getting this message across was central to our brand development strategy.

Instead of just developing sales messages, as was the norm in the sector, we suggested creating a dialogue with our customers instead. Getting customers to help us build the marketing proposition by reflecting its own wants, needs and aspirations.

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